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Game Purpose and Goal

The Texas Futures Virtual Reality (VR) Experience project aims to transform the scientific output from other Planet Texas 2050‐funded research projects into an immersive experience that engages non-experts. We leverage VR technology and game design techniques in an entertaining and educational VR experience, where users play the role of researchers who visit an environmental engineering and sustainability laboratory. They will experience a series of games and acquire knowledge about water, energy, urbanization, and ecosystem services throughout the journey. Meanwhile, our game demonstrates population and water demand shifts through a multi-decade period from the Texas Metro Observatory (TMO) project, as shown in the picture below.


The Planet Texas 2050 VR Futures team would like to thank:

  • Dr. Fernanda Leite: Project Lead
  • Megan Johns: Co-Project Lead
  • Andrew Solis: Co-Project Lead
  • Bing Han: Lead Developer and Programmer
  • Jeshua Johnson: VR Programmer and Designer
  • Lori VanHoose: 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, and Audio Editor
  • Olivia Moriarty: Designer/Programmer and Narrator
  • Daniel Weeks: 360 Video Creator and Programmer
  • Dr. Eduardo Isatto: Technical Advisor

Learn more about Planet Texas here

Research from Texas Metro Observatory (TMO) and Transportation-Related Air Pollution (TRAP).

Game Assets Used :

Game Setup

Please set up your VR system with SteamVR. Then, you can simply unzip the file and double-click “Texas Futures VR Experience.exe” to playtest it. Supported VR systems include Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Pro Eye. The game works with both “Room-scale” setup and “Standing only” setup.


Controls may vary depending on what VR system you are using.


TexasFuturesVR_build.zip 399 MB

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